Filing Types and Fees

As of 2021, all filing types are supported by the AOF and users are expected to submit filings electronically. 

If you are unable to submit your filing using the AOF, please email Per the ACTA Submission Guidelines, a Handling Fee of $95 may be assessed if the ACTA is asked to manually addresses a filing that is supported by the AOF.

All users of AOF should acquaint themselves with the ACTA Submission Guidelines and Procedures. 

Additional Information Regarding Filing Types: 

Register an RPC – $825.00

The ACTA-specified Responsible Party Code (“RPC”) is a unique identifier assigned to the party responsible for terminal equipment. Historically, the FCC Common Carrier Bureau (“CCB”), now called the “Wireline Competition Bureau,” referred to this code as an Applicant or Grantee Code. Codes previously assigned by the FCC CCB, therefore, remain valid and, unless otherwise warranted, may continue to be used.

Register an RPC

Original – $825.00

Original Filings are required for covered equipment to be sold that previously has not been approved. Each filing must be complete and without reference to a previously submitted application.

Submit an Original Filing

Modification – $825.00

Modification Filings are required to maintain database accuracy when a change that alters the compliance characteristics has been made to the equipment, such as network interface circuitry, as filed under an original application.  A Modification Filing is required when these changes affect the contents of the ACTA-maintained database of approved Part 68 products, a Responsible Party’s SDoC, or a TCB’s Certificate.  A Modification Filing will be processed only when an Original Filing for the terminal equipment has previously been processed.

Note: Should any change alter the product label, it would require a new Original Filing.

Submit a Modification Filing

Notice of Change – $825.00

Notice of Change Filings are required to maintain database accuracy when no electrical change has been made to the equipment that alters the compliance characteristics, such as network interface circuitry, as filed under an original application. A Notice of Change Filing is required, for example, when a trade name, model number, or some feature that does not affect compliance characteristics is added to a previously approved device or system. Typically, such additions describe cosmetic variations, or are for marketing the product under a different trade name or model number.

Submit a Notice of Change Filing

Recertification – $825.00

Recertification Filings are required for limited cases requiring the processing of a new filing.

Note: Re-certification/Re-approval filings will result in a new ACTA “US” product-number. Products using the historical FCC Reg. number will be changed to the ACTA number.

Submit a Recertification Filing

Transfer RPC – $825.00

As specified in §68.322, Responsible Parties for a SDoC may license or otherwise authorize a second party to manufacturer the terminal equipment covered by the SDoC provided the Responsible Party retains sole responsibility for ensuring the equipment remains compliant with the relevant FCC rules and ACTA-adopted technical criteria.

In the case transactions affecting the identification of the Responsible Party of a SDoC, such as a transfer of control or sale to another company, mergers, or transfer of manufacturing rights, the successor entity shall become the responsible party. Note: this statement is also true for Responsible Parties using the TCB process.

For example, in the event a party transfers complete control (i.e., ownership) of its operations to another entity (the “successor”), the original party may transfer its RPC to the successor provided the original party discontinues use and reference of its assigned RPC. Alternatively, a new RPC can be assigned to the successor in accordance with Section 3 of the ACTA Submission Guidelines. Use of a new RPC requires a Re-approval notice and, therefore, reformatting of the equipment’s identification number to reflect the ACTA Product-Labeling format, if applicable. 

In the event a party transfers “partial” control (i.e., responsibility) of its operations or transfers a product or product-line to another entity (the “successor”), a Re-approval notice shall be filed with ACTA for each product transferred. Notification(s) shall include a letter from the original Responsible Party (on company letterhead) informing ACTA of the transfer in addition to all items specified for an original filing. Re-approval filings shall be made by the successor.

Parties unfamiliar with RPC transfers should contact the ACTA before filing an RPC Transfer. Please note that this filing type requires approval from the ACTA to become live in the database, so additional processing time should be expected.

Transfer an RPC

Validate RPC Data – $125.00

Responsible Parties are required to validate their data on an annual basis regardless of whether any changes occurred during the current calendar year.

Responsible Parties cannot validate their data for more than one calendar year. Validation for the next calendar year begins on October 1st of the previous year. To incentivize timely participation, this filing type is discounted to $95.00 from October 1st to February 1st. However, an RPC can be validated at any time of the year.
The RPC Data which must be validated, includes but is not limited to: RPC’s point(s) of contact, address(es), phone number(s), email address(es), and website URL. Updating the Company Name requires a “Transfer RPC” filing.

RPCs that are updated will be noted by a “green check” to show that the RPC data have been validated and are accurate.

Validate RPC Data

Stabilized Maintenance

A form of RPC Data Validation, Stabilized Maintenance allows an RPC to be validated for the remaining life of the RPC.  
The fee for this classification is $295 and to qualify for Stabilized Maintenance, the following eligibility criteria shall be met:  
a) At least one product has been filed under the RPC;  
b) No products have been registered under the RPC within the past 10 years; and  
c) The Responsible Party does not anticipate that anticipate that any products will be registered under the RPC in the future.  
The Responsible Party shall still be required to update the RPC contact information for any RPCs classified under this program if changes should occur. These updates shall be submitted to the ACTA at and will be free of charge.  
Should a new product be registered under an RPC classified under Stabilized Maintenance, the RPC will no longer be eligible for this classification and the Responsible Party will be required to pay a $95.00 reactivation fee and conduct annual RPC Data Validation thereafter.  
If requirements a-c are met, the Responsible Party can file for Stabilized Maintenance by conducting a Validate RPC Filing and selecting “yes” to Stabilized Maintenance on the payment page.